Monday, January 6, 2014

Altered Ancestors-Actual or Instant

Happy New Year everyone!  I'm pleased to share our newest challenge for this week.  It's called "Altered Ancestors-Actual or Instant."    I feel like a little clarification might be needed on this one.

First of all, an ancestor by our terms means any relative of yours, living or dead.  The word "altered" refers to the idea of somehow changing the look of your ancestor.  By "actual" I mean a real relative of yours. "Instant" means that you borrow, or even steal, someone else's relative.  Is that as clear as mud?  Let me show an example.

This lovely lady is someone's ancestor.  I really don't know if she was an actual one or an instant one.  The artist felt that the hairstyle looked like it would be a good host for a bird's nest and so that's one thing she did to alter the portrait.  I love the addition of lace to form the lady's collar and the border on the image.  I'm sure this artist has a great sense of humor too.

I absolutely love this one!  Talk about a sense of humor!  Uncle Fido has a lovely vintage portrait of a child altered with the head of a cute little hairy dog, topped off with a beautiful blue hat.  

This artist made some alterations to a portrait of a man for a special Altered Ancestor Halloween Swap.  There are some more fun examples on her blog. 
At Deviant Scrap, one of my favorite sites for purchasing fabulous digital art pieces, there's an entire kit called Altered Ancestors.  I love the colorful mohawk with the purple suit on this man.  

This collage came from a site I frequent.  The artist hosts fun art swaps and runs an online shop selling collage materials at really great prices.  I've joined lots of her swaps and have always appreciated the images I receive.  If you check out her blog, you've got to visit her store too.

I hardly need to even comment on this.  I doubt that this gentleman ever imagined that his shirtless pose would end up in a fabulous collage about a Drama Queen.  

It looks like this artist drew on a photo and I really love what they did with the feathers.
I selected this one for all of you painters, who amaze me with your skills and creativity.  I also love the text.  Wouldn't we all like to make art all day and eat cookies for breakfast?
I chose this one because of the unique things added to the image, like the tiny padlock and key.
This artist's work surprised me.  When I first looked at this photo, I thought it was a simple family portrait.  Upon close inspection, I realized he replaced all of the faces with his own.  He did an entire series this way and it really intrigued me.

Let's dig out our box of photos, or find on on the internet to play with.  (If you use an actual photo of an ancestor, you might want to copy it and use the copy for your art.)  Alter it up with whatever you like to create art with.  Paint it, bedazzle it, collage it, cut and paste it... the sky's the limit!   Post your image by Sunday, January 12, 2014 at 12:00 noon EST.  Please leave a comment when you post.  And be sure to visit the blogs of the other entries.  I'm pretty sure this one will be fun!

See you soon.



Boo said...

Oh, I love Uncle Fido

Skinospot said...

Love this challenge's idea! I enjoyed playing with a photo of my Grandparents. It's a way to honor their memories. It's a real pleasure to come back here and participate in this challenge. I see a lot of talented artists who really inspire me.

Maggie said...

Great inspiration samples, Lou Anne! I loved Uncle Fido, so I was inspired to try something using my own cat's face (I'm not telling him because I think he'd be insulted. The nerve of me, making him a girl :-)

peggy gatto said...

I always enjoy seeing the inspiration!!!

Jez said...

All the samples are rewarding and inspirational to study. I enjoyed them all, but the last one is very clever and subtle. Off blog hopping to see everyone else's inspirations.

Jez said...

I loved your altered ancestors on your blog, but couldn't find any way to leave a comment there, so hope it's ok here. The combination of the picture and the story was perfect, and made me laugh, so clever. I did hear a rumour that the runaway pair called in at Tenerife because they had run out of honey.

Jez said...

Forgot to say that comment was for Maggie!

Maggie said...

Ha, thanks Jez! I will follow up on your tip about the elusive duo!

I hope there's nothing wrong with my "comment" button. My post was so long, I'm hoping you just didn't manage to get to the end! I kind of combined many subjects into one post and did run on a bit :-D

Lou Anne Hazel said...

Well, Maggie and I both included cats in our images. I'm not surprised since we are cat lovers. I had fun with this one and it's a treat to visit everyone's blogs and see their take on the challenge!

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