Monday, February 3, 2014

Stained Glass This week on Inspiration Avenue

stained glass as beautiful as ever and now the creative touches put on to create the
"looks like stained glass" also

A bit of history

Why Do Churches Have Stained Glass Windows?


In ancient churches, Stained glass windows were the first public 'picture books' of the Bible. As far back as 350 A.D., churches used stained glass windows to visually tell Biblical stories about God, spirituality, mortality and humanity. As the art form and architecture evolved, windows became more prominent in the great cathedrals of Europe and today are still used in churches of all sizes and denominations throughout the world. 


One to color


painted with water colors
I did this one last week by justadding the daek lines to one of my drawings.
So lets try this 
All mediums welcome to capture the stained class 
this week.  



Linda said...

wonderful examples- I have always loved he stained glass windows in churches and cathedrals!!

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