Monday, March 17, 2014

Inner Child Art Challenge

This week's art challenge we are going to reconnect with our inner child through art. Our adult must prepare a little bit for this challenge. Firstly we must relax and breathe. We must let go of what other people think, or what our art will look like as a finished process; we must let go of expected results. We must allow ourselves a little bit of silliness with adult permission. Once we have established this we can start to tap into our inner child.

When we are ready with our paper and crayons, relax and breathe a hello to your inner child. Try to sense her presence, what is her name?  Ask your inner child to trust the process of creativity. Allow yourself to let go.

Some inner child scribbles transform when the adult returns back to the table.
The goal to stay close with your creative inner child throughout the week.  We will visit you throughout the week, to see what is going on for you on those days. You can blog-pop around to see what others are doing. Create in any media you used as a child. Finger-paint, crayons, tempera paint, pencil crayons, magic markers, etc. Mediums can be paper, rock, wood, fabric, play dough, etc.
Allow the inner child to express herself. There is a lot going on in this drawing, the child needs to tell us.
What is your name? What is going on in this picture?
For best results with the spontaneous connection of your inner child, it is best to use your non-dominant hand. It is always nice to have a little story line with the image. Ask your inner child what their name is.

Here is an example:  Hi, My name is Sam, I am 2 years old. I am scared of the dark.
Do you remember your girlfriends when you were in elementary school? You can ask them to come back and visit you using your left hand. You can tell a little story like we used to when we were small. "These are my best friends. We are in grade 3.  We like to play outside after school. We are laughing."
You can play with the inner child and the adult simultaneously.
This is the first drawing I remember. My mommy made it into a pillow for my birthday. 

I like to draw and play in kindergarten.  I like to make my drawing turn real. I like to play with my dollies. This is another example of the child reuniting with the adult after the first initial drawing. 
Inner child art work can bring back your old neighbourhoods, friends and memories. This inner child made a collage of what surrounds her in her daily life. This little girl had her birthday in the park. 
There are so many possibilities to re-unite with. You can be any age you want to be. 
I am in grade 4, my big brother and little sister are picking apples in the orchard. 
I hope you have fun with this challenge. The idea is just to let yourself let go, remember and re-create.To create without thinking of perfection or the finished result, or what other people will think. The idea is to blend from a feeling perspective. The goal is to be brave by giving yourself permission to create without boundaries.
To unite the inner child and the adult back together. 

I hope you have fun with this and visit your inner child often throughout the week. You can add on to your site on a daily basis, or simply just create one or two drawings. It is up to you. 

I am really looking forward to visiting you. 
Creating and blog-hopping is fun. 



peggy gatto said...

Love being a child!

Elephangaroo Ramunda said...

I'm not sure I'm not a child still! Hehehe.

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I decided to go with a child's fantasy world. Blessings!

Kim Prowse said...

Any kind of interaction with the inner child is value.

Maggie said...

I loved this challenge, Kim!

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