Monday, May 26, 2014

Spells and magic

Spells and magic

Put on your pointy hat
and glittery shoes
It's time for this weeks
challenge new

Our theme is spells and magic
You'll need wands, bottles
and animal sidekicks

Cats, owls, spiders 
toils and troubles
How about love spells
or something that money conjures

Merlin, Harry
Gandalf and Ron
Hermione, Morginana
Circe and Yen Sid powerful

Witches and wizards
strong and famous
Let them guide you
on your search of

So pick your broomstick
and fly to the moon
Create some art with
magical tune

Love and light



Deann said...

I just love a little magic...

Niina Niskanen said...

Me too Deann :)

Ron said...

There's some amazing art work there, Lou Anne, and it all wakens anew3 my love for fantasy.

abby j said...

Fun theme...thanks!

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