Monday, July 21, 2014

Weekly Art Challenge-Hot Pink Summer Sizzle

Well it's been heating up here in southern California this summer and I wanted to do a color challenge so I settled on hot pink!  That seems to be a color that sizzles without any extra outside heat.  I do realize that not everyone is having summer right now so I hope the shade will inspire those of you who are in the midst of winter.
For inspiration, I went straight to Etsy and found art that contained hot pink.  I simply chose the ones I liked.  It was lots of fun!  The first group contains abstract paintings.  The vibrant colors and textures really appealed to me.

 The next two images had some fun collage elements.  I loved the addition of text.

Having come from a background in photography, I had to select some photographic images.

 Birds seem to have a special place for many people who make altered art.  I chose a couple of images that had birds with a hot pink flair to them.

It's always fun to see how people alter images of animals to capture something whimsical.

Then there was the carnival-like feel of a hot summer day in the sun.

And finally, I couldn't resist a couple of mermaids to dress up this post.

And now I'm going for a swim.  See you all next Sunday!  Please be sure to link up by noon EST.
See you then,
Lou Anne
aka Misplaced Mermaid


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Shelinwa said...

love this theme!!!!

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