Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekly Art Challenge July 14

Map it Out!
 Maps have existed for millennia.
 Scientists in Spain have found a map that dates back 14,000 years. 
The map is scratched onto a 13 x 18 cm (5 x 7 inch) stone tablet 
 and shows a number of nearby features.
There’s the cave in which it was found, a mountain,
a river, and drawings of various animals
that would’ve made a nice meal. It’s less than an inch thick,
 so it would have been possible to carry it around if necessary.

They are certain it is a map because it
“corresponds exactly to the surrounding geography.” [source]
 What does this interesting bit of trivia have to do with us today?

That's right, our challenge this week is to create something 
incorporating maps. Use an actual map as a background,
paint or draw a map of your own, or whatever map-ish thing you can think of!

I've included some examples of creative uses of maps.
A treasure map is always fun (and sometimes lucrative).
 This artist (above and below) uses a map theme in many of her pieces.
Here she creates her own beautiful maps instead of using existing maps.
 A mixed media piece using a map and many other interesting items.
 Maps seem to lend themselves to being in the background.
I love the cheerful flowers painted on this one.
 I just noticed, I have a bird theme going on here.

Of all creatures, birds would have a definite need of maps, but never use them!  
I'm sure a bird must have some sort of built-in map or compass. 
Imagine traveling hundreds (or even thousands) of mile without a map!
Need some maps? This shop, plus others on Etsy, will sell you a pack of maps.
If you have some interesting punches, 
make pieces to collage onto a mixed media piece.
Airplanes and maps both have to do with travel,
but any other shapes like crowns, shells, flowers, etc. 
will add a fun touch to your piece.

Use a map, 
make a map, 
or some combination of the two...
We can't wait to see what you create!
Add your link below by Sunday, July 20.

Happy creating,



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peggy gatto said...

I am always inspired by your examples! they are unique!

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