Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekly Art Challenge-Positive Affirmations

Happy Monday everyone!  Our challenge for this week is "Positive Affirmations." 

Positive Affirmations serve as a reminder to oneself.  I have difficulty sometimes thinking of positive things to say about myself.  I loved doing this because there was no choice but to come up with motivational messages just for me, from me.
I recently participated in an ATC swap where we created 3 ATCs with positive affirmations on them.  It was lots of fun!

All of these were made with a variety of things-paper, jewels, vintage scrap, book pages, and various types of trim.  The words were done digitally, printed, and cut out to collage on the ATC.  I made the mistake of scanning them after trim was applied so the layers aren't all equally in focus.

This is a digital collage made with a kit called "One of a Kind" from Seatrout Scraps.  I loved the colors and the theme so I just started playing with it.

I had scanned another collaged ATC that was created for a mail swap.  I added a few things digitally and turned it into a positive affirmation.

This last one was a digital image I had created about a year ago.  I had never finished it and decided it would suit this theme.

My challenge for you is to create at least one positive affirmation for and about yourself.  It should have the word "I" in it.  Here are a few more examples.
  • I love myself for who I am
  • Fear is only a feeling; it cannot hold me back
  • I know that I can master anything
  • Today I am willing to fail in order to succeed
  • I have the strength to make my dreams come true
  • I trust in myself
  • I am proud of myself for even daring to try
  • I grow in strength with every forward step I take
  • I can do anything I set my mind to do
  • I like myself better each day
  • I am capable and strong
  • I am a winner
  • I am a deserving human being
  • I am able to easily handle any problem I face 
  • I am loveable
  • I am a beautiful person 
  • I am kind
  • I am generous

You can take an old image and add an affirmation or you can create something new.  It can be an ATC but doesn't have to be.  The only requirement is that it must have a positive affirmation, from you to you. Create something that is designed to reinforce yourself for something that makes you special.  I hope you'll think of so many things that you'll have trouble choosing just one.  See the directions on the sidebar for posting and be sure to link up no later than noon on Sunday, August 24.  I'll visit your blogs and leave a comment and I hope that others will do the same.  See you soon!  Lou Anne



Niina Niskanen said...

Your ATC- works are beautiful Lou Anne :)

Jason Alderson said...

Hello there,

I just came across your blog and your entries are right up my alley since I run a company called Living Inspired Now and we aim to inspire others through motivational words and images. Please let me know if you ever wish to share a photo or your perspectives that could be published on our site and publication with the purpose of uplifting others. I wish you the best and I hope to hear from you soon.

Jason Alderson

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