Monday, September 15, 2014

A New Weekly Art Challenge ~ A Favorite Artist

It's time for a new twist in 
Inspiration Avenue’s weekly art challenges!

We've selected five of our most favorite themes and
decided to explore them more fully by having them be
our main themes, alternating them week by week.
We hope each theme is one that has many different interpretations.

For the first week, the theme is
A Favorite Artist

Sometimes we may give you a specific artist to study.
But most of the time the choice is up to you.
We'd love to see what artist you particularly love! 

Could be living or dead, famous or undiscovered.

Could be an early Renaissance painter like 
Sandro Botticelli
Botticelli Self Portrait


an early painter of modern expressive art like
Henri Matisse
Henri Matisse, La Musique, 1939

What about Pop Art?

Andy Warhol
The Marilyns

“Isn’t life a series of images that change as they repeat themselves?”
-Andy Warhol

One of my favorite living artists is
José Manuel Merello
Jose Manuel Merello, Woman with Hearts

What artist's work do you particularly love?
The artist can be a painter, but we'd also love to see sculptors,
textile artists, photographers, collage artists, etc.
Once you decide, do a piece in his/her style.
Or explore their lives and works and 
do a blog post to share with everyone.
There are many facts that are not 
common knowledge about even well-known artists. 
(Thanks to Google, it's very easy to discover those facts!)
And it would be awesome to find out about an artist we have not heard of!

We hope you'll join us every week for this and our other themes!
Are you wondering what the other four themes are?
In no order (because we don't know yet :-) they are:

Show and Tell

This week is
A Favorite Artist
and we hope you'll join us!

~ Maggie



l.wilks11 said...

Great inspiration for an amateur artist like myself.....xx

Maggie said...

You are right, Linda. We can learn so much from other artists.
And Google makes it easy. If not for the internet, we would have to buy tons of books, go back to school, or visit as many museums as we could!

peggy gatto said...

I always love this idea!!

Beverley Baird said...

What a great idea! Love the themes you've chosen. I aim to get back on track and take part regularly.
Love the artist Jose Manuel Merello, - don't know him but I plan to.

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