Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29 Art Challenge ~ Words

Welcome to the third week of Inspiration Avenue's
new challenge format!

The challenge is to create a piece with 
and you can see by the header above that using ANY
type of words is accepted and encouraged!

Typed words, handwritten words, book pages, newsprint,
song lyrics, and affirmations are just a few ideas.

Use words in your art that communicate an idea
or an emotion that you want to express.

The piece above includes some wonderful phrases showing
why it's fun and helpful to incorporate words in your art.

Sometimes a piece will have a message to convey
and other times words just become design elements.

Of course!

So have fun with Words this week ~
we can't wait to see what you will share with us!
Leave a comment below if you are so inclined; we love comments!

There are two more themes in our 5-challenge lineup
after this week. Not saying for sure but they just might be
Seasons and Color 
We hope you've enjoyed the themes so far and that the final 2
challenges will inspire you!




Diane said...

Terrific examples!

peggy gatto said...

My first friend I remember, Jill

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