Monday, November 17, 2014


 It's time to immerse ourselves in the theme of "Seasons" again and I've chosen autumn for my examples because it's my favorite season of the year.

I made this digital collage and centered it around the lovely quote and a beautiful fall scene.  It reminds me of my walk to school when I lived in a house in the woods for a short time back in 1967.

Since moving to southern California in 1988 I have often felt homesick for the beautiful autumn scenes I experienced while living in Missouri.  We have some of the elements so common in fall but it's never as dramatic as it was in the midwest or on the east coast of the United States.  I relish every tree that turns color and cherish the change in sunlight as the days grow shorter.

Digital Collage by Misplaced Mermaid

Whether you love vintage images or getting your hands dirty with paints you can participate in this challenge.
From Little Butterfly Wings Designs "Autumn Happiness" Kit

I'd like to encourage you and your muse to explore the theme of "Autumn" or any other season that "springs" to mind.  (No pun intended)  Directions for posting are in the sidebar.

Have a wonderful week full of fun and whimsy.  Here is one last vintage image from the Graphics Fairy.  If you love vintage ephemera, be sure to visit her site for amazing inspiration and free pictures.

See you soon,
Lou Anne, aka Misplaced Mermaid


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