Friday, December 5, 2014

"WORDS" What makes us feel good!!

  • Words are powerful
  • They speak to our soul
  • They come at us in the time of sorrow and the time we need a touch of reality
  • They come to us when we do not want to hear them as sad things splashed across the news
  • At this time how do words affect you

These are words that
 cheer me up 
 Lift my Spirit  
Keep me going 
Feed my Soul

We all have things we believe in that keep us going 
Not all the same 
But there is that one thing in each of us, that one thing that screams at us and keeps us going. 
For me personally it is God. 

" LOVE IS All YOU NEED"  John Lennon
I have met so many people that do not feel love and it saddens me to the core.
I love to be that smile of Love 
the Cheer of the word "Hello" as I greet someone 
As I work in a nursing home that is HUGE!!  Some of our little people have no one and that is where I 
Learned to put my woes of the day behind me and when I walk through the doors it is their home and I need to smile for them!!!

Joy that feeling that surge's through our body and soul as we get when something awesome has happened!
A new baby is born 
A child calls you grandma
A friend asks you to please pray with them in public
A Song that touches you and speaks volumes to your soul
A kitten get that new home 

I know it is a very busy time of the year!  If you have time to Spare
Come and show us in your artistic ways how Words affect your days!!
Take a deep breath
Let it out
Are those thoughts coming to you?
Direction are on the right side bar. 
Have a great week!

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