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Signups for the May 2012 Postcard Swap are closed.
Below are the details for everyone who signed up.

For anyone who didn't join us this time, 
join in the Tag Swap going on now!

We believe there is just not enough Good Stuff 
 in the mail these days, so we're doing something about it!

Do your part to keep
Good Stuff 
coming in the mail!

more Good Stuff :)

 Here's how to sign up:
Sign ups start now and will be open until midnight April 29, 2012.
(That's Eastern Daylight Time, see our clocks in the right sidebar)
Leave a comment on this post just to say Yes! I'm interested!***

***NOTE: Sorry, you cannot comment in this "Pages" section,
but this post is up on our front page where comments are welcome!
Just click HERE to go to the post on our front page.
Then (very important!) send your snail mail address to 
(Sending your info to this email address instead of posting in the comment section 
will ensure that spammers will NOT see your address. 
And, we at IA will NEVER, EVER use your address 
for anything but this postcard swap.)

Start creating 5 postcards as soon as you can! 

Soon after April 30, you will receive 5
names and addresses of the recipients of your postcards. 
The addresses will be emailed to you at the address you emailed us from.

Then, create your postcards, if you haven't already started :).

Pull out your art supplies


your goodies stash

bits and pieces
you've been saving to recycle into art, 
and turn it all into 5 postcards that you'd love to mail to someone special.
 They can be paintings, drawings, collages, mixed media, anything 
 creative! Just remember, you will be mailing them, so design accordingly.

Remember, we are a global community so you may be
sending a postcard or two overseas.

Our very tiny list of Requirements:
  1. The size of each card should be 4 x 6 inches. Make 5 cards.

  2. Each piece, since it will be original art, should be posted
    in an envelope or package of some kind in order
    to protect the piece.

  3. This one's optional, but we'd love to see the back designed
    like a real postcard. There are lots of images (copyright free)
    of vintage postcards that you can print and use.
    You may have to enlarge them a bit to make them 4 x 6.
    You know, something like this:
In fact, you can click and copy this one. 
Or make up your own! Get creative! 
You can even include a message on the back :)

 Other than that, the sky's the limit!

We will do all the hocus pocus necessary to match your address
with 5 others so that everyone sends and receives 5 postcards.

Just be sure to follow through if you join, 
because it's a real live person who will not receive a card 
if you sign up and then don't participate. Boo Hoo  :-(

Sound like fun? We all think so, and can't wait to get started!

As always, click the sample postcards above to visit 
some Etsy sellers who have postcard design mastered!
Here's the badge we used during the PostCard Swap. I'm sure we'll do another swap and we'd love to have you join us then.

Inspiration Avenue

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